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Printing, stapling, stuffing, addressing

Printing, stapling, stuffing, addressing

Every month, after spending the day printing THE PAMPHLET, we sit around the kitchen table to fold, staple, stuff envelopes, address envelopes and pack them up to distribute them. Your donations at work. Thank you for all you do to support us.

Live Free or Die, your February 2023 edition is almost ready. Be on the lookout for your copy.

Please choose a subscription in our store to receive your every month in your mailbox.

printing day 1

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Your hard copies will be on the way soon

Thank you all for your patience. The digital edition is now out to our digital subscribers. Printing will begin tomorrow and we will be mailing out the hard copies on Monday. Thank you all for your support.

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Volume 3 is almost complete.

Pamphlet Patriots, pamphlet week is almost coming to an end. We will be finishing up the September edition, and last edition of volume 3! Can you believe it has been a full three years? Join us and get your subscription.

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Help keep the presses rolling

Help fund us by subscribing. Our goal here at THE PAMPHLET is to educate everyone on the past. We hand out 90% of printed hard copies of THE PAMPHLET every month for free. We rely on subscriptions to continue funding

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