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On the Road. Come and see us

On the Road. Come and see us
on the road dave poore kvegujfenhg unsplash 1

We will be on the road again! Kettle Falls Town and Country Days! Here we come.

Come see us and get a copy of THE PAMPHLET

June 2-3 in Kettle Falls Washington.

on the road dave poore kvegujfenhg unsplash 1

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October edition is ready

Digital editions are out to subscribers! Physical copies are being printed and will be mailed on Friday Oct 6th. Thank you all for your support. Elizabeth Jane

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Printing, stapling, stuffing, addressing

Every month, after spending the day printing THE PAMPHLET, we sit around the kitchen table to fold, staple, stuff envelopes, address envelopes and pack them up to distribute them. Your donations at work. Thank you for all you do to

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Help keep the presses rolling

Help fund us by subscribing. Our goal here at THE PAMPHLET is to educate everyone on the past. We hand out 90% of printed hard copies of THE PAMPHLET every month for free. We rely on subscriptions to continue funding

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