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Another Glorious Day

Another Glorious Day

The sun went down today rather peacefully. I imagine tomorrow it will come up with the same ease and another day will be born. Tens of millions of Americans will hustle from place to place while an equal amount will remain in lock-down. Eighty million people are hurt that the corruption in the ruling class is complete. Sadly another eighty million people are out for blood. Everyone else just wants to plant their head in the sand and ignore the imploding reality around them. The patriots are numb or worse yet some are still in denial waiting for Trump to do something. The socialists are looking for any and all opportunities to absolutely destroy anyone who supported the one president in the past fifty eight years that had tried to go against the deep state.

The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff sent out a letter to the entire military stating that Biden was the new Commander in Chief effective January 20th. Without the support of the command structure there is no insurrection act. Come January 20th it is all time for us to mourn the passing of our once beloved Republic. There are quite a few people who cannot accept this. We of course know that miracles are indeed possible if enough people turn to the Lord in prayer. Sadly though, I believe that the majority in this country have given up on religion. They will soon have the government that they deserve.

For those of us in the Patriot Movement the fight will go on. I believe that ultimately we will be better off in the long run even though the short term suffering is going to be quite uncomfortable for many. I believe that the rage and uncontrolled cancel culture of the left will open wounds that cannot be healed. I hope that Donald J. Trump uses this time to start a new political party based on patriotism, honesty, and integrity. I hope that he starts his own news network, social media company, and technology company that supports those people who need a home to carry on the fight. I honestly believe that he will have a far greater affect galvanizing the patriot base and turning the hearts and minds of the people against corruption than he ever could in the corrupt government that exists today.

There are those who are going to do some crazy stuff and they have lost all patience with the system. Some will march with firearms on government installations and will promptly be put down by the military. Some will take out electrical substations, power-lines, and generating plants causing chaos in the cities. Others will derail trains in an effort to cut off supplies to the urban centers of corruption while others still will go after the internet. The ruthless will go after water supplies and fuel depots. It will likely be slow at first, much like other revolutions. The all powerful state will have swift vengeance against those who are caught on the omnipresent surveillance system of the oppressive state. But tactics will evolve and more people are going to take sides. Sooner rather than later the full blown uncivil war will be a way of life just like China wants. Then they will invade and begin exterminating what is left of us until we come together and fight back.

That is the way I see it. I of course could be wrong but I have a feeling I am fairly close to reality. That being said what am I going to do? For me I am going to attempt to support legal methods of resistance. I believe a general strike in this country would bring the corrupt leaders to their knees and there is nothing that the government can do against that. I am going to continue to educate the people about our history and what our founding fathers did so that people have a chance against this evil machine. I am going to continue to work my farm and keep my rifles well lubed for the time when the state decides to raise a hand against me. Then I will do what the Army taught me. And I will be effective at dispatching anyone who comes against me.

Should government fall apart and this country descend into lawlessness then I will join whatever faction is for true liberty or I will start my own. And we will rebuild from scratch if we have to. This is not what many want to hear. But I am not one to tell someone something just to get their approval. I am here to help people become resilient and learn together how to be effective resistance against evil and corruption. If things fall quickly and I am wrong on what happens next then I will adjust accordingly. But I am not going to go fight for the cities. I am more inclined to support the local farmers and business people against tyranny.

Now for the hope part. When I was doing chores this morning and taking care of the pigs I felt an amazing sense of peace and love descend over me as I was praying about the chaos in our country. Everything will be alright was the consistent message. God is in control. I may not really know much more than that, but that is enough for me. I will continue to accept his guidance and continue to be the kind of patriot that he wants me to be.

God bless you all. I look forward to having you along this fight for freedom. Lets all watch a sunrise and glorify our maker. Some things are constant for a reason.

Wade John Taylor

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