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september’s ‘Unity’ is on the way

september’s ‘Unity’ is on the way

September subscriptions were mailed today. You should receive them soon. Digital edition will be available in a couple days, to give time for subscribers to receive their copies first.

thank you all for your support. Please remember to subscribe and/or donate. We could use your help.

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Give Me Liberty or Give me Death

I know that many of you are looking forward to our next issue which is due out in under a weak. For a little context and a bit of a preview I offer the following speech from our dear friend

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We have a brand new website and it is beautiful!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Pacific Northwest Web Works, and they have truly created a functional work of art! The site loads light years faster than our previous site and everything is clearly laid out. They made the process affordable and easy for us, I am not exactly a tech savvy guy anymore. www.ThePamphlet.net is now fast and easy to use.

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Elizabeth’s thoughts today

Just a few thoughts this morning. After the news the other day about 6 Dr Seuss books being taken out of publication due to being racist, I started thinking about other Dr. Seuss books. “Put me in a Zoo” This

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