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Mandates begin again

Mandates begin again

And it begins again. We knew it would. When government takes power, they never let go. They give us a reprieve, to make us think its over. When will we all learn? They are never going to let us go. We are allowing them to cover our mouths. We are allowing them to silence us. This is abuse. This is Physical and mental abuse. We are allowing them to abuse us daily. It begins again….. Who knows for how long, until they decide to give us a reprieve. And until then, people cant go into stores again. Watch the shelves start to empty again. People need to stock up again so they can stay home. Watch our businesses start to suffer again. Not to mention, people will again not be allowed back to church. We are allowing ourselves to be victims. We are asking for it, when we accept the free stuff the government gives us, and we sit at home and binge Netflix. I hope we all will open our eyes soon. Good morning Washington state. We are masked again.

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1 thought on “Mandates begin again”

  1. It is quite crazy how things have changed in a short period of time. What is most shocking to me is how many people plant their head in the sand and state they don’t want to get involved in politics they just want to live their life. I hope they soon realize if they do not get involved in trying to save this country, they will soon loose it.


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