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Liberty Red out on Patreon

Liberty Red out on Patreon

Hello Patriots,
This is just a quick note to let you all know that our latest issue of The Pamphlet titled “Liberty Red” is out around town and on www.Patreon.com\The_Pamphlet. We will upload it here in a few days. Subscribers on Patreon also receive other exclusive content like the Newsletter, early access, content recommendations, and more. Thanks for supporting The Pamphlet

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Everyone’s right’s are important

We should all be well reminded that we are a government of the constitution. We believe, or should believe, in everyone’s constitutional right’s. Some people may not like that others practice their right’s. What does it say of us when

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Remember the Alamo

When you decide to take a stand for something, your position has a habit of taking on a life of it’s own. Since July I have devoted 18 hour days with this project that we call The Pamphlet. It is

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Restraint is out tonight

The next issue of “The Pamphlet” Restraint, is coming out tonight. If you are one of our Patreon Patriot subscribers, you will receive it tonight at midnight. You still have time to subscribe to receive your issue before the rest

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