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Liberty Red out on Patreon

Liberty Red out on Patreon

Hello Patriots,
This is just a quick note to let you all know that our latest issue of The Pamphlet titled “Liberty Red” is out around town and on www.Patreon.com\The_Pamphlet. We will upload it here in a few days. Subscribers on Patreon also receive other exclusive content like the Newsletter, early access, content recommendations, and more. Thanks for supporting The Pamphlet

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Rally Cry, The next edition of The Pamphlet

Howdy Patriots! We are so grateful for your continued support! It is just about that time again; can you feel the excitement? No, I am not talking about The Election I am talking about the next issue of The Pamphlet!

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Open Letter to all Patriots

My Dear Patriots, Today the common man, watching traditional news sources in print and on television, would be hard pressed to find any evidence of voter fraud. Instead they are presented with a narrative that President Trump was soundly defeated

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Elizabeth’s thoughts today

Just a few thoughts this morning. After the news the other day about 6 Dr Seuss books being taken out of publication due to being racist, I started thinking about other Dr. Seuss books. “Put me in a Zoo” This

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