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New Patreon Tiers added for Merchants

New Patreon Tiers added for Merchants

Recently we have had several individuals and merchants express interest in carrying several hard copies of our distribution so that they can hand them out in their local environment. We have two new tiers on Patreon that now support that. The Merchant level Patriots will have 25 copies of new issues shipped directly to them at the beginning of the month. The Guildsman Patriots will have 40 copies shipped directly to them each month. While advertising for businesses affected by the madness and dictatorial shutdowns this month and January. Those who subscribe to the two new levels will continue to have access to advertising as long as they subscribe. If you would like to see additional options please let me know.

Patreon Subscriptions

We are pleased to be able to continue to offer various options for patriots to receive The Pamphlet. Thanks so much for spreading the word! Long live the Republic!

Wade John Taylor

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