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Message of Hope

Message of Hope

Christmas Eve Message of Hope to Patriots everywhere.

Good Evening,

It is Christmas Eve here on the Homestead. This morning my children found the shoes that they had placed in the window. They found candy in them, which caused them to be excited all day that Santa is going to come tonight. It is wonderful to see the small moments of joy that happen while the rest of the world is slipping into chaos. It has been so important, since actively entering into the fight against tyranny, to pay attention to the small blessings and messages from the Lord.

Tomorrow is the day that our household celebrates the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. In that moment, hope for humanity came into the world in the flesh. He lived, taught, suffered, and died, so that we could overcome the challenges in this world and share in his glory. Whether or not we believe in him, he believes in us. I know that from personal experience.

As a young man I was raised with the gospel in my life. Yet, at sixteen years old, I went my own way and turned away from the things that I had been taught in my life. I trusted in nothing other than those things in what I could see and those things which I could touch. I joined the Army twelve hours after high school graduation. I served honorably and valiantly as an Infantry Soldier. I suffered only as a soldier can and achieved success through perseverance and dedication. When my injuries prevented me from continuing. I left the service I went into business for a time. Then, I managed other businesses and eventually made my way back to government service. I was wildly successful in just about every capacity that I served. Yet inside my soul was slowly dying. Each year went on and as I made more money and became more successful in the world, I lost a little bit more of myself.

In the last job that I had, I was serving at a fairly high level of government. I worked closely with a Presidential Appointee and was only a semester away from a degree which would help elevate me further into the government. I had the contacts and a future position that would anoint me into the ranks of the deep state. Each worldly success had strangled my soul a little bit more until there was no resemblance of a Christian left. But the Lord knew me better than I knew myself, he knew I was capable of something so much better.

I certainly still considered myself a Patriot. But my motives for freedom and liberty were purely selfish. As a result, I endorsed many policies and regulations that were considerably anti-freedom. My pride brought me to think that I was better than others and as such, I came to accept that people were too stupid to think for themselves. I believed that people should be manipulated by means of government finance to think and believe in a certain way for the good of the hive. Some, must surely suffer, but that was acceptable so that the collective would thrive. Those that would not adapt would be brought to knee if necessary or culled if it absolutely came to it. Progress demanded casualties.

But then one day at work I suffered a stroke. I was stripped of the great mind and voice that I had. I could not speak, I could not dress myself, and I could not function as a human being. I lost my job that I had worked my whole life to get. I lost the house that I had dreamed of. I lost my wife as I became worthless to her. I lost every shred of who I was and entered into a veterans homeless program.

Over several years I learned to function again. I was stricken with massive anxiety and fits of anger that kept me completely out of society. I fought the VA to return back to work, and then to start my own business, but each time they informed me that my disabilities were to great. I was incapable of returning to the life, that I once had. So, I surrendered to my fate, and moved to a secluded place on the beach where I died to myself in worthlessness. Each day I drank myself into oblivion and hoped that one day I would drink enough to finish me off.

There was a point where I knew inside my soul, that if I continued living the way I was living, I was going to die soon. I knew that it was not just a physical death. I knew that I had condemned myself to hell because of the lifestyle that I had lived. I felt it on a subconscious level that I cannot explain. For twenty eight years I had no moral compass. I did what I wanted, who I wanted, and when I wanted. I did whatever I wanted to feel good and lived by my own set of rules. I had an overwhelming feeling, that my own actions and lifestyle, had brought me to the point that I was. My VA disability was enough to cover the bills. I never had to work a day again in my life. I lived on the beach and didn’t have a care in the world. Yet I was miserable.

I started desperately searching for answers. I craved knowledge. Somewhere along the line, I came across a book called the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, which was an ancient collection of papyrus from a few hundred years A.D. The Lord knew that I had become anti Bible, and would not have picked it up if it had hit me in the head. So he provided me with some ancient Christian manuscripts that contained much of the Gospel and other things that are considered Gnostic Philosophy. I did not know it at the time but he was leading me down a path that would ultimately save my life.

After several months of study and reading, I found a section that was talking about Jesus and that if I knocked he would answer. I felt desperate, I was willing to try anything for relief of the feelings that I had. For the first time in nearly thirty years, I knelt down and prayed. Tears came down my face and the hopelessness that I felt was amplified. I certainly knew that I was going to die a spiritual death. I knew that my soul was condemned and I continued to pray as the certainty of my doom came over me. For several days I prayed on and off continuously and the absolute knowledge of my consequences fell upon me. Out of desperation I cried to the Lord and begged him for mercy. I expressed that I would do whatever he wanted to do, if he would but save me from myself.

At that singular moment, the weight of twenty eight years of sin was lifted from me. Gone was the despair and hopelessness. Gone was the depression that had plagued me for decades. Gone was the agony and pain that I had afflicted upon myself. I felt him and the infinite love that he had for me even though I had not been a good person. I felt completely humbled and overcome. He knew me. I experienced what many consider to be the feeling of being born again. My soul was made whole and I was healed from within. Somewhere in the back of my mind he expressed something to me that was so familiar. But I cannot recall to this day what it was.

Now, I still have challenges. And at that moment everything was not made right. I had a great deal of physical and worldly things to overcome. I still struggle with anxiety and my short term memory is terrible. I am in constant pain due to injuries sustained in the Army and I get frustrated easily. But that instant started me on the path to a new life, one that I could never have dreamed of myself.

I have a new wife and a new family that I could never have dreamed of. I have a new home in the mountains, where I raise animals for meat and crops for food. I still do everything that the Lord asks me to do and each step of the way I am amazed at what happens. This Pamphlet and everything that has come of it is just one of those things. I do not know the Lords purpose and nor could I ever pretend to know. But occasionally on days like today I get an email from someone who found The Pamphlet for the first time as it called out to them saying “Here I am”. I don’t know what I am going to write until I sit down in front of the computer.

Tonight, I had full intention to call everyone to action, to call their representatives and senators and tell them not to override the veto of the Defense bill, and to take the nonsense out of it. All of which is still important and I think that it is what we should be doing. But tonight the Lord had a different idea as he often does. This, is really throwing myself out there. I get to lay myself bare and become quite vulnerable by sharing something deeply personal to myself and to my family. I have a new issue that is due out in a few days that I really wanted to work on today, as it is only about two thirds done. But someone out there needs a message of hope tonight. So for that person, whoever you are, know that the Lord loves you and that he knows your troubles.

So here is your message of hope. Just as he came to me in my most desperate hour, he shall come to all who bend a knee and pray for deliverance from the tyranny that is strangling us. Yes, most of those in power are corrupt and evil persons, who are bent on a course that will imprison and or kill us. Their pride and greed knows no end and the Lord himself will burn them as stubble where they stand. Two hundred and forty four years ago his loyal servant General George Washington knelt in prayer before returning to his men to cross the Delaware river to strike a stunning blow to the enemy. That action gave the Army hope to carry on, at a time when they thought that all was lost.

That fateful miracle moment in the American Revolutionary War was just a single day towards the end of 1776. The war would not end until September 3rd 1783. But that moment was enough hope to carry the Continental Army and the people of this new world to victory and individual sovereignty that is our birthright. The Lord will not abandon his people. It is not in his nature. The trials that each and every one of us are going through right now are, for our benefit. It must get worse to expose those that are ensnared in that evil Satan’s grasp. He desires to throw all into bondage and consume their souls. He is and ever shall be, the father of all lies, all pain, and all suffering.

But it is always darkest right before dawn. Look to the small blessings and miracles in your life. Look to the hope that can be found in all the little things around you. There will always be opposition to greatness. We the Patriots of this great Republic will ultimately prevail. We will certainly loose battles as the slave masters gloat with pride and overconfidence. That will be their undoing. We will root out every single modern day redcoat, and mark them for the traitors that they are. We will have justice. We will never surrender. We will never give up. We will march onward, one foot in front of the other. We will take every hill and valley from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and stop all that would oppose the torch of liberty.

It is not yet time, for the next shot heard round the world. We must give peace and common sense it’s last chance. We must appeal to the higher nature of humanity. Only then, can we say as our Forefathers said. “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for their future security.”

It is not yet time. But that time is just about upon us.

Merry Christmas,

Wade John Taylor

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4 thoughts on “Message of Hope”

  1. Wow. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your life. Thank you for your service. Thank you for sharing your faith..which is also my faith as well. Thank you for your intensity of patriotism while you speak reason & truth. It wasn’t a thunder clap…rather, it was pure white snow covering everything beautifully. Still powerfully. Still effective…but so kind. Not enough of that anymore, so thank you! Merry Christmas Sir..we shall prevail, for we are more than conquerors thru Christ in us…. 💗

  2. Beautiful , inspiring, genuine . “…small moments of joy when the rest of the world is slipping into chaos…” …Love it. love your words. love your story.

  3. Yes, that is beautifully written; therefore, it must have been inspired by God. Every word is true. I know. Things are happening now that people do not see. They are very dark things that go very deep. I am following a new source of information as I no longer watch news on TV and feel a need to know every day. This person is probably known to you because you sound a lot like him. He is probably much older than you, a couple years older than I am (68), but his name is Jerome Corsi, PhD, CorsiNation.com; his sister group is called The PrayerfulPatriot.com Have been watching/listening for nearly 2 months, and you are right, Wade John Taylor. God bless you. Thanks for sharing your story.

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