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Happy New Year Patriots!

Happy New Year Patriots!

   I know that we are all sitting around wondering what will happen after Y2K. Will the lights go out? Will the computers all crash? Will airplanes crash into each other? Well at least the residents of New York have the twin beacons of hope that we know as the World Trade Center buildings to gaze at in comfort. And while we all have our differences, we are united as a people. It is not like we hate each other and are on the verge of a civil war or anything silly like that….

   So, about that. Just thought I would reflect on another time when we all thought that the end was nigh. I will get into that in just a bit but first, a quick announcement: Our latest edition, The Matrix of Liberty is out to our Patreon subscribers. We will release the digital edition on our website in a few days. As always, our supporters have first access to new editions of The Pamphlet.  Hard Copies go out in the mail on Monday to those who have subscribed to them.

   Looking back, I remember thinking civilization could have a serious problem when the clock struck midnight in the year 2000.  For years leading up to that moment, scientists were busy predicting doom and gloom when the ball dropped in New York City.  I can remember everyone holding their breath as midnight approached not knowing what was going to happen.  But then a funny thing happened that nobody expected.  Life went on.

   People went to bed and they woke up the next day.  Sure, there were some problems but nothing that the human spirit of determination and endurance could not overcome.  Many of those same analysts and modelers went on to put their math and computer skills to work modeling climate.  Many went on to predict that by 2020 we were all going to be suffering the terrible effects of global warming.  I guess it is climate change now, and it may get hot or it may get cold because of the 1% contribution of human activity to everything.  They say the solution is a hefty tax on everything.  I guess increasing the scientists pay will make them smarter.

   Interestingly enough, while the “Experts have said”, one thing or another over the past few decades, most people have been busy following their advice.  But instead of the world getting better, it has unfortunately gotten a lot worse.  So here is some good advice that I think we can all use.  In 2021, the experts, the media, the scientists, and the government are all Fired!

   That’s right, in true Trumpian style. “Your Fired!”

   What does that mean for me and for anyone who decides to adopt this new liberating mantra?  For starters anyone who tells me that “If you don’t wear a mask you don’t care about others”.  My reply is going to be “So what!”.  What a liberating feeling that is.  There is no constitutional requirement for me to give a crap about anyone else.  While I certainly do, and the one person who has authority to judge me in the end knows my heart better than me.  But I do not answer to anyone else but God, my family, and the true friends in my life.

   The next thing that is certain is that I do not have to listen to a government that does not listen to me.  I have adopted the position of our Founding Fathers.  In true Sons of Liberty style, I am my own sovereign man.  I will choose what I abide by and what I do not.  I am officially a conscientious objector to the elites that think they have power over me and my family.  My message to them is clear, do not you dare think that you can tell me what to do.  Interfere with my liberty and there will be blood.  Our government has clearly overstepped its bounds and long since surpassed that which it is allowed control.  I therefore revoke the permission that I had granted to govern over me.

   As for the medical tyranny establishment that is drunk on power, let me be clear.  My body is my business and if I want to risk getting sick by not following your illegal mandates then I will.  In fact, just as the Continental Army gave themselves smallpox in 1777 so that they would not fall victim to it later, I consider it my patriotic duty if I get sick with anything.  I am advancing the cause of herd immunity for my fellow human beings.  As for your experimental vaccine, I hereby exercise my religious exemption from it.  And if you do not accept my First Amendment exemption, then I hereby notify you that my alternate Second Amendment exemption is ready for your processing.

   Finally, a message for my fellow patriots.  To you who have joined me in this common cause of liberty, I pledge my life, my effort, and my treasure so that our children and their grandchildren shall enjoy the individual sovereignty that our ancestors fought and died for.  We have been misled by false emergencies and panicked by ringmasters who have herded us like cattle while the true situation in this nation have been disguised from us.  The politicians, corporate masters, and government overseers have run unchecked long enough. And for those that say that we are an existential threat to your democracy, I say unto you. Democracy is an existential threat to our Republic. You shall not prevail against liberty!

   Let it be known that 2021 is the year that the Sons and Daughters of Liberty throw a New Tea Party!  This is the year that we start to take our country back.  This is the year that the new shot heard round the world occurs.  Some of us will not make it to see the modern-day slave masters thrown into the sea.  But tis so much better to die standing up for liberty than to lie down and die in slavery.  The will of almighty God had no equal.  Remember our families, our God, our Liberty!  Long Live the Republic & the birth of a new era of Liberty!

Happy New Year!

Wade John Taylor

The Wicked are coming, The Wicked are coming, To Arms, To Arms!

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  1. With you brother. I fired those worthless assholes as of midnight. I read your pamphlet and agree with all of it. I think we need a Patriot Party. How can we drain this stinking swamp?

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