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Good Evening Patriots!

Good Evening Patriots!

Our next edition of The Pamphlet is only about nine days away. It is research, write, and edit crunch time for us. I am looking forward to how this issue turns out. So far it is turning out to be something that has caused quite a bit of reflection as I was doing my research.

Our Founding Fathers represented strikingly different points of view, cultures, and ambitions. They all commonly believed in liberty and personal sovereignty at varying degrees. The right to be ruled by terms agreeable by those being ruled is a bedrock principal that is superseded only by the right to dissolve authority to rule. I believe our ancestors in this country referred to this as nullification.

Nullification has consequences. When states invoked nullification in the 1830’s it nearly led to civil war. This period leading up to the civil war several decades later mirrors our time in many ways. The ‘elite’ of the day were busy carving out empires fueled by the fruits of the industrial revolution much like our elites of the technological revolution. We currently have states that are on the verge of refusing to comply with federal direction in what can only be classified as outright ‘nullification’.

Whenever a person operating a vehicle, continuously drives a couple miles over the speed limit, then he or she is involved in an act of nullification. Counties do it all the time when a State declares a mandate but does not allocate funds to cover the mandate. Often such requirements are unenforceable due to budgetary restrictions. Police officers often use their intellectual discretion in determining which habitual speeding offenders need to be made example of to keep the overall speed down to a manageable level. Citing everyone would ratchet up the oppression level and right now they only want to criminalize every aspect of the life of a dissenter. The universal oppression comes after the deliberate collapse of the global financial system. The point is, that nullification is already a part of our life.

At this point we all have relative peace in our lives where we can contemplate such tactics as personal nullification of mandates that we deep to be unconstitutional like wearing masks or imprisonment by dictating how much distance is between people. Contemplating the reality that most everyone commits some type of Federal, State, County, or Community infraction every day without ever leaving their property or even knowing they have committed an infraction is a startling experience. This means that in the eyes of the cultural Nazis of the far left of today, criminal can be added to every title in our big brother society.

A white middle-aged day laborer working construction on minimum wage trying to feed his wife and two children is privileged in the minds of a vast majority of left wing educated privileged students living in a safe space who have never had to work hard to survive in the world. The privileged children of the middle class have teamed up with the privileged children of the lower class to create an angry entitled youth who are never satisfied with what they are given. Strangely, this group of socialists and anarchists often takes their frustration out on the people who decided to get a job to support their families.

The vast majority of people fall into the camp where our parents made too much money for the free stuff, but they made enough to have to pay taxes and bear the weight of the oppression by the obligations of entitlement programs. There is a growing segment of the population who are starting to feel left out of the gravy train. The masters have a plan for that.

A check for a thousand dollars or two every four to six months to placate that class should do quite nicely. Dress it up in the crisis, rescue, rebate, or stimulus, of the moment. Further divide those that have and those that have not in the community during a time of staggering inflation and economic chaos and we have the potential for widespread chaos.

In some ways the similarities between the incompetence of the Carter Administration and the current one cannot be dismissed. We are on the road to runaway inflation that will likely surpass the hardships of the seventies. It probably will not be long until we all must stand in line for fuel or basic commodities again. This time, however, they may require you to have a mask, social distance, and vaccination barcode tattoo all enforced by bio-metric mass surveillance .

I cannot help but hope that we can come together as Americans, unite and throw the tea once more into the harbor. If for no other reason, than to unify under the demand and exercise of representative self governance.

Wade John Taylor

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