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The Medical Rape of our Children Must Stop!

The Medical Rape of our Children Must Stop!

DISCLAIMER. This is not my normal style of writing. To be honest I am furious at the level of narcissism and contempt for the populace that government belches out now days. With that out of the way here is the blog.

It is perhaps not the best time for me to write. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but as a former infantry soldier I will tell you that the sword is the final solution in dispute resolution. That being said, I have just learned that our tyrannical emperor once again has called for the serfs to wear the masks of submission and shame. Another NAZI moment where a narcissistic leader calls for a star of David on their shoulder or the swastika to show their status. Once again, me and my family will refuse to comply. Me and my ancestors gave a portion of our life for freedom, and we will gladly die defending it today against all enemies foreign and domestic.
The infuriating thing is that was not tyrannical enough for him, he did not stop there. He stated that those who are not vaccinated are a danger to their fellow citizens. That statement is ludicrous! How could it be that a man or woman, living a natural life in the flesh as the maker made us, is a danger to our fellow citizens? How does it make sense that the permanently altering cocktail sold by unethical big corporations to inject into people’s arms, is the only way a person is now not a menace to society? The level of blind trust that people put into corrupt government is staggering. People are now so gullible they are willing to inject anything into their arms because they are told to do so. Perhaps the reality is that the experimental gene therapy is not being accepted by enough of the human cattle. So, to rectify that a new series of tyrannical edicts have been issued to the sheeple in Washington.
First, to ensure that everyone complies with the evil plans, Emperor Inslee stated that he is starting with our children. They are going to have to strap one of the respiratory restrictive devices to their face whether they want to or not, or they will not be allowed to receive public education. He also stated that making the deadly vaccine mandatory for school kids was possible. This double barrel assault on our children amounts to nothing less than medical rape of our children. But the despicable tyrant Inslee is not stopping there.
Inslee informed the public that he is looking into making the experimental gene therapy, otherwise known as the coronavirus vaccine, mandatory for anyone employed by the state. Now for those of you who do not speak government or have not worked in the corrupted halls of government like I have let me translate that for you. As soon as the lawyers and pollsters report back to the political machine and give the gov a nod, it is tyranny on a platter for you and me. Suck it up buttercup.
So, what does that mean for us? While I cannot speak for you, I can say that for me something changed today. In my prayers I started asking for the complete collapse of government. I have come to the personal conclusion that I would rather live under no government at all than live under one that is trying to kill us all. I am not sure what that means for me going forward. I am not sure what that means for my family either. What I do know is that I have made a decision that having no government and facing the onslaught of anarchy would be far better than the organized tyranny that government has turned against its own people. I would rather trust my community to figure it out than have a modern-day gestapo terrorize and slaughter the dissidents. State sanctioned medical rape of our children is the final stop for me on this train. I am getting off. I cannot support nor defend that type of evil.
Being in a cold war with your own government is a daunting task. Our goal is to prevail through the pen and all activist means available to us including civil disobedience, protests, rallies, publishing, printing, and yelling if need be. And if by chance government comes against us like it did in Lexington and Concord then we will be ready and we will respond in kind. We will not relinquish the right to defend our families, our livelihood, and our land against the tyranny that has taken hold. Those in government who believe that they can compel me to bend knee to their will, be careful, the ghosts of our Founding Fathers ride on the shoulders of those that support liberty and personal sovereignty. And I will die and go the way of the dust before I give you the satisfaction of obedience to your tyranny. May the Lord have mercy on our souls.


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