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The Latest Issue is out on Patreon!

The Latest Issue is out on Patreon!

Howdy Patriots!

The Pamphlet Vol. 1 Issue 11 Pride, is now out on Patreon. You can head on over here to get your latest digital copy. If you are hard up for cash or are not sure you can afford a few dollars a month to support liberty and freedom, then it will be released right here on our main website after all of our subscriptions are mailed out.
In this issue we go into how pride, both on a national and personal level, has been the root cause of the demise of civilizations throughout history. We compare and contrast events in the past and challenge the reader to do some of their own research to learn for themselves. We encourage you to also not believe what you hear from others. Everyone seems to have an opinion now days but plenty of people are short on facts. Take the time now to realize where you truly are on the timeline and prepare accordingly.

Thanks so very much for your support! The monthly newsletter will be out for Patreon subscribers next week. Podcasts will also resume next week. Our solar install took longer than expected and we hope to be back to a somewhat normal schedule.

We have some pretty exciting things coming up in our next issue to close out Volume 1 of The Pamphlet. We are also looking ahead and excited for our new Volume. If you would like to see something in the upcoming issues or feel that we are missing content please do not hesitate to let us know. You are the reason that we work so hard to put this together every month. Your opinion matters and you are important to the Liberty Movement!

More to come soon!!!!!!

Wade John Taylor

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