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The Suspension of the Highlander

The Suspension of the Highlander

Howdy Patriots of Ferry County

I would like to speak a bit about The Highlander. The local only publication was an effort to build a platform for elected officials and locals to communicate and ultimately build a more resilient community. It was a project that we were encouraged to take on and it was an adventure meeting with so many elected officials throughout the county. We have learned that a majority of them were approachable, and at least took the time out of their agendas to engage in their office faithfully by hearing their constituents. We also learned that there are some elected officials who need immediate replacement for failing to fulfill their oath of office. More on this later. While we did meet with many of the elected officials in the county, we unfortunately did not get to all of them. We sincerely appreciate those who took the time to meet with us.

We have well over one hundred and sixty hours donated into this project and although most everyone was interested, the submissions were not enough to provide content to the community. We are thankful for those that assisted in getting one pilot issue out the door. Unfortunately we are terminating this project due to lack of content.

We would like to thank those who got us into this project. We absolutely learned quite a bit about our elected officials. We learned about those who understand their role as a servant of the public and we learned that we have tyrants who do not care what the public thinks. I hope to report further about some of the experiences in the future. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project and who supported it, especially those elected officials and organizations that submitted material.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with our local community,


Our full attention now returns to The Pamphlet and the next issue right around the corner! We have many exciting upcoming announcements that we are excited about soon. Stay tuned!

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