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It’s Pamphlet Day!

It’s Pamphlet Day!

That’s right, our December Digital Edition of The Pamphlet dropped late yesterday on Patreon for those fantastic patriots that support us that way.  Today our printer is whirling away and later we will be assembling, folding, and stapling the issues.   Over the next few days, the mail will be going out delivering the hard copies to those who subscribe in various ways to delivery service or receive them as bounty for being a Patreon supporter.  After the last subscription is mailed, we release the digital edition here on our website.

This month’s edition is Charity.  We briefly cover the Christmas traditions of the Colonists and look in how some of the people of the day expressed their kindness.  The skirmishes and battles of 1777 are covered, and we have a nice selection of columns from our writers this month.  This year our December issue includes a gift guide in our Patriot Resilience Section.  A modern variation of George Washington’s favorite Christmas meal is also included in Volume 2 Issue 3 of THE PAMPHLET.    

Thanks, you for your support!

Wade John Taylor

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