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Thankful Message to our Supporters on this day of Thanksgiving

Thankful Message to our Supporters on this day of Thanksgiving

It has been a hard year. But just as our pilgrim ancestors gave thanks after loosing many after just their first year, we shall persevere and overcome. The message of hope and liberty that we bear is greater than ourselves. This apathy in society existed in our Founding Fathers era as well as the dark horse of tyranny swallowed up their liberties one bite at a time as casually as a stallion grazes upon the field. It is painful to watch as loved ones, friends, colleagues, and family fall victim to the propaganda of hate that has consumed the world. But like our pilgrim ancestors we know that there is safety and security in grouping together in new tribes. We don’t know where providence will take us, but with our eyes to Him who created all, we know that all things are possible. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wade & Elizabeth Taylor


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