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Remember the Alamo

Remember the Alamo

When you decide to take a stand for something, your position has a habit of taking on a life of it’s own. Since July I have devoted 18 hour days with this project that we call The Pamphlet. It is not just The Pamphlet that keeps me busy, but keeping up with the family and the farm as well. At the moment I have twenty three pigs, forty five chickens, seven turkeys, and half a dozen rabbits. We heat with wood so I have a constant chore of maintaining the wood supply as well. Soon enough our quarter acre garden will need to be tilled and planted and I will have twelve cord of wood to fetch for next winter. God is good.

I mention all of this to simply point out that I have enough to do to keep me busy that I really did not have time to get into all of this. But if I did not get into all of this then I ran the risk of not having anything to take care of. I have worked hard to develop the skills to be as self sufficient as I can. Six years ago I had a beach house on the ocean and did nothing but listen to the ocean each night as I went to sleep. But then again six years ago I had anxiety so bad I could not even answer the phone. I gave all that up because, I had the prompting from the Lord that the storm was coming and I was running out of time to get ready for it. I never knew back then that he was going to have me do all of this on top of the farming and rearing that came my way.

But here I am, on the edge of the canyon looking out in the deep crevasse below. I have seen it all coming and yet I can still hardly believe my eyes. I see the divide growing wider between the two sides in this country. No matter what happens going forward one side will be so torn up that they are willing to throw down and burn it all down. I have seen this in other countries unfold in my lifetime. Nobody really wins regardless of who is victorious in the end. There will be pain and misfortune in the days, weeks, and months, ahead.

For those of you on the sidelines now is the time to pull up your britches and stand for something. The Lord says you cannot be luke warm or he will spit you out. So do some soul searching and get your collective dung together. Patriot or Socialist are your two choices. Freedom or slavery. Right or left. I know it is tempting to place your head in the sand and keep playing video games or catching the latest episode of who slept with who, but reality is far more enjoyable. Besides it will spank your backside soon enough anyway. You might as well pick a team before one picks on you.

Lately, I have heard from so many people that today is the day. The President is going to do this or he is going to do that. I heard it from a guy who heard it from someone who knows somebody that has insider information. It has reached a fever-pitch lately and It is enough to make your head spin.

When I was in the Army there were countless alerts and we were recalled to base, geared up, got on a plane, flew for hours while we all talked about this was the day that it was about to get real. Then the wheels hit the runway and we got off at the same place we took off from. Oddly when we really did deploy it took quite a bit longer and things were more deliberate, but the rumor mill was always there, churning out information that somebody swore that they knew to be true. It feels like there is a whole lot of that going on.

What I do know is that the President is oddly quiet lately. We can blame it on the twitter purge of anyone who was a true patriot. But at the same time the leadership that embraces the socialist side of things are all in a rage and seem to be acting in desperation. I hope that is for a reason. Now for all of you that send me messages saying that you have heard the inside scoop and I should let the world know; I appreciate your enthusiasm. Nobody wants Trump to do the right thing and open up a can of whoop ass more than me. But pardon me if I don’t trust somebody on social media who watched the latest video from a guy who claims to have somebody on the inside but looks as if he can’t find his car keys. If I don’t feel the spirit confirming the information is true then I am not going to bite. This ol fish didn’t get this far up river by snagging the first fly that hit my mouth all the time.

Trump is speaking at Alamo, Texas today at 3:00 Eastern. That’s 200 miles away from the Alamo where a stand was made by the bravest souls that ever fought for freedom but the significance of the name still bears one of our greatest rally cries. “Remember the Alamo”. Let’s hope that in a few short hours the tide turns and our greatest hopes are finally realized. I personally will be praying for a miracle.

Nevertheless, if it is meant to be that we must do it the hard way, liberty will ultimately prevail. It is a timeless struggle between good and evil. Now is the time to stand for something. We never know how things will unfold from now until our Savior returns. But when he comes again he will find me standing for liberty, even if that means against all odds. I look forward to fighting along side of you all.

God bless The United States of America.

P.S. On a side note we have a nice mark up about The Alamo in our “Rally Cry” issue. Available here on our website for free.

Wade John Taylor

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  1. If Trump is not president, then I refuse to pay taxes. They stole this election and now I am pissed. I wish that the military would honor the oath but they refuse to do so.

  2. I don’t have a lot, but I can do a little this morning and I encourage those who can , to magnify my contribution by sending a donation to Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, two senators who are being criticized for supporting us.

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