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25% off reprints

25% off reprints
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March is almost here

March’s edition is almost done! We are only a few days away. Because of copier supply problems we have had to cut down how many free copies we give out. You can always read the digital edition on the website

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Resistance is coming out tonight!

Our next issue “Resistance” will be out tonight at midnight! Patreon subscribers will receive their digital copies first! You still have time to be one of the first to receive yours. Subscribe at http://www.patreon.com/the_pamphlet . In a few days physical

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Approaching our 1000th site visit!

We are fast approaching out 1000th site visit. We will know the City, State, and Country of our lucky visitor. We will also know the date and time. We will announce the City here in the blog post. If you

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