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Speech From Today’s Rally

Speech From Today’s Rally

Here is my first public speech. It is from Today’s Open Washington Freedom Rally in Republic, Washington.

Thanks for Watching. Now is the time for us to all stand up for Liberty!

God Bless America

Wade John Taylor

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1 thought on “Speech From Today’s Rally”

  1. Time for the Libertarian Party to take hold!
    Republican politicians are just as corrupted as Democrats. There is too much compromising by both parties.
    Congressional members are only into politics for their own gain not for serving the people who elected them.
    There is too much government regulation. God given rights are regulated, government requires permits to build on your own land, to hunt, to fish, to farm, to use the water on your land. There’s too much government control. Time to reduce government not add more. Now that the Democrats have gained total power of the government, both houses of Legislature and the Executive branch, you can be assured they will install more Socialist Government Agencies.
    ” High-welfare Socialism promotes the continuous expansion of government,
    and leads people to vote away their freedoms. ”
    I had to register as Independent, as Washington State voter registration does not recognize the Libertarian Party.
    Time for that to change.

    ALL government elected positions should have a two term limit. ALL government appointed positions should have only an eight year appointment. When politicians and judges are in office more than eight years, they lose sight of the needs of their constituents and become corrupted by the political action committees and compromises. Congress votes their own pay raises and Congress created a fat retirement package for themselves of inexcess of $75,000 a year for life after only two terms. That’s greed!
    When my ancestor from North Carolina served on the Provisional Congress, he only received travel pay and lodging. That’s the way it should be now for Congressional members.

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